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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Everyday Puzzles work on my mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop? Yes, designed for all platforms

Is there a preferred browser? Do I need add-ons, e.g. Media Player, Flash? No add-ons or software required

Do you have a preferred reference source? Yes, Macquarie Dictionary

Can I make the puzzle even bigger on my screen? This will depend on your device

Can I play against other members? Not yet available

Can I send a message to another member? Not yet available

Can I save and replay puzzles? Yes

Can I save my time scores and play against myself? Not yet available

How do I opt out if need be? We accept cancellations anytime; however, please allow 3-5 working days for the changes to take effect

Will I be dealing with computer-generated answers?  No, we will contact you personally

For troubleshooting please go to our Customer Support Page